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Refined Rice Bran Wax (DR Wax)

Refined Rice Bran Wax (DR Wax)

Physiological Function
Refined rice bran wax (DR wax) is one of natural vegetable waxes, wax oil is about 3% in rice bran oil, after being deimpurified, deoiled, deglued, decolored for wax oil to obtain refined product.
This product can substitute for Chuan wax and carnauba wax, mainly used:

  1. As main material to extract high-carbon aliphatic alcohol (22-34 alkyl alcohol).
  2. As cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.
  3. As antistaling agent for fruit and vegetable to improve preservation quality and perfect appearance, as food additive in food package, chewing gum and other sugar.
  4. To produce high-grade shoeshine, floor wax and glazing wax for furniture, car and equipment, leather retouching agent, etc.
  5. To product high-grade printing ink, carbon paper ink, stencil paper, as paper retouching agent and additive.
  6. To produce oil solution and emulsifier used in fiber process to improve softness, smoothness and luster for textile.
  7. As plasticizer, stabilizer and lubricant for pvc, as thickening agent for petroleum and lubricating grease with excellent resistance to heat.
  8. As electric insulation material.

Quality Index

Appearance Melting Point MP(ºC) Saponification Value SV Acid Value AV Iodic value iv Wax Content % Oil Content % Glue Impurity % Oil Absorption               test
yellowish solid 77-82 75-90 1-10 1-13 90-95 1-5 0-2 Qualified (±40ºC, not to penetrate oi in 24 hoursl)